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You have a chance to change your life style

Let a professional take care of your body and health. Let him advise you how to take the right steps towards positive lifestyle changes. Find the new inner strength, learn how to enjoy physical exercise and start to be happy with who you are.

Mgr. Pavel Samec

* 1980, fitness instructor, personal trainer. Charles University graduate with the degree from The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Pursuing the career of a personal and Thai Boxing trainer since 2001, he is also a professional handball player.

He will give you advice on how to perform sports more effectively and safely in order to achieve the best results. Under his professional guidance you will get into shape, learn how to relax and deal with everyday stress.

Are you interested in:

  • Fitness and relay - how to work off stress through healthy physical activity
  • Thai box - close contact martial art, often also referred to as “The Science of Eight Limbs” as the hands, elbows, shins and knees are extensively used in this art of fighting.
  • Conditioned workout - training programm for beginners; provides complete specialized care also for profesional athletes